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Located right off of Interstate 90 in Kimball, South Dakota, PheasantLand offers the best available high-quality pheasant hunts in the area. Nestled in central South Dakota, Kimball is considered "The Pheasant Capital of the World." Prime habitat throughout the area allows pheasants to thrive that no other region can compare to. PheasantLand prides themselves on building relationships that last longer than the hunt. Our Lodge brings a friendly atmosphere that any group can adapt to. Providing lasting memories with fellow hunters along with premiere pheasant hunting is what PheasantLand strives for with each and every group. 

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Hunting at PheasantLand

All of our packages are all-inclusive so you are able to experience all of our amenities from the pheasant hunt, to the fresh meals. Our private hunting acres offer great habitat and cover to maintain plentiful amounts of birds each and every year. We have various types of native grasses and crops including corn and milo that creates a great food source for birds to flourish in. Our hunts lead to memories that last a lifetime and will surley have you hooked for years to come!  

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