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Hunting at PheasantLand, LLC


Pheasant Hunts

Kimball, South Dakota is known for its vast amounts of wild pheasants in the area. At PheasantLand, we pride ourselves in showing you the joy the great outdoors can bring you and your group. With each hunt, you will have guides with well trained dogs that are dedicated to safety, and making sure your group is comfortable in all aspects of the hunt. You will hunt various types of habitat including corn, milo and other native grass fields. Our guides are professionals in putting you in the best possible position to harvest your limit. 

You will not find a better place that not only cares about the hunt, but will show you top-notch hospitality. We work to ensure that you will not only have a memorable hunt, but a total memorable experience here at PheasantLand. 

late season

Late Season Pheasant Hunts

Some of the best hunts are those that happen when the snow hits the ground. December hunts are for the hunters who don't mind the cold but wants to see an abundance of pheasants. Temperatures are cold, but the thrill of seeing hundreds of pheasants will surely have you forgetting about it. There is not a better time to shoot roosters and than the late season at PheasantLand Lodge.